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    • Synthesis and properties of dental zirconia–leucite composites

      Ming Kang Xiaoming Liao Guangfu Yin Xun Sun Xing Yin Lu Xie Jun Liu

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      The dental zirconia–leucite composites were synthesized by high temperature solid-state method using potash feldspar, potassium carbonate and zirconia as raw materials. The mechanical properties and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the prepared zirconia–leucite composites were tested. The results show that the bending strength, the fracture toughness and the metal–ceramic bonding strength of the prepared samples are about 110 MPa, 3.5 MPa/m1/2 and 45 MPa, respectively. The CTE was about 13.73×10$^{-6}\ ^\circ $C-1 and close to that of Ni–Cr dental alloy (14.0×10$^{-6}\ ^\circ $C-1). The results indicate that the introduction of zirconia is beneficial to the improvement in the mechanical properties and CTE adjustment of porcelain material. The clinical application of the zirconia–leucite composites with good metal–ceramic bonding strength in the dental restoration could be envisioned.

    • Structural and electrical properties of Ta2O5 thin films prepared by photo-induced CVD

      Jun Liu Aixiang Wei Xianghui Zhao Haiyan Zhang

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      Tantalum oxide (Ta2O5) films and Al/Ta2O5/Si MOS capacitors were prepared at various powers by ultraviolet photo-inducing hot filament chemical vapour deposition (HFCVD). Effects of ultraviolet light powers on the structure and electrical properties of Ta2O5 thin films were studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and atomic forcemicroscopy (AFM). The dielectric constant, leakage current density and breakdown electric field of the samples were studied by the capacitance–voltage (C–V) and current–voltage (𝐼–𝑉) measurements of the Al/Ta2O5/Si MOS capacitors. Results show that the Ta2O5 thin films grown without inducement of UV light belong to amorphous phase, whereas the samples grown with inducement of UV-light belong to 𝛿-Ta2O5 phase. The dielectric constant and leakage current density of the Ta2O5 thin films increase with increasing powers of the UV- lamps. Effects of UVlamp powers on the structural and electrical properties were discussed.

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      Posted on July 25, 2019

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