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    • Bridgman growth and defects of Nd3+ : Sr3Ga2Ge4O14 laser crystals

      Jiaxuan Ding Anhua Wu Jiayue Xu

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      Nd3+ : Sr3Ga2Ge4O14 crystals have been grown by the modified Bridgman method. The growth defects, such as striations, scattering particles and dislocations were investigated. Some featherlike striations were observed in as-grown crystals. EPMA analysis suggested that these inclusions were caused by the segregation of Nd2O3 from the melt. Chemical etching results showed that the dislocation density was in the range of 103 ∼ 105/cm2.

    • Bridgman growth of bismuth tellurite crystals

      Anhua Wu Jiayue Xu Guoxing Qian Baoliang Lu Zengwei Ge Linyao Tang Xianjun Wu

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      The photorefractive crystal, Bi2TeO5, was grown by the modified Bridgman method for the first time. High purity Bi2O3 and TeO2 were used as starting materials and were mixed thoroughly with molar ratio of Bi2O3/TeO2 = 1 : 1. Platinum crucible was fabricated with a seed well of 10 mm in diameter and several folds were pressed so that the spontaneous nuclei could be eliminated through competition. The crucible was sealed during the growth so that the evaporation of TeO2 was controlled effectively. By optimizing growth parameters, transparent and crack-free Bi2TeO5 crystal up to 25 mm in diameter and 40 mm in length was grown successfully.

    • Piezoelectric properties of Sr3Ga2Ge4O14 single crystals

      Anhua Wu Jiayue Xu Juan Zhou Hui Shen

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      A new piezoelectric single crystal, Sr3Ga2Ge4O14 (SGG), has been grown successfully by the vertical Bridgman method with crucible-sealing technique. SGG crystal up to 2″ in diameter has been obtained. The relative dielectric constants, the piezoelectric strain constants, elastic compliance constants and electromechanical coupling factors have been determined with resonance and anti-resonance frequencies method by using the impedance analyzer (Agilent 4294A). The results show that the piezoelectric strain constants and electromechanical coupling factors of SGG single crystal are higher than those of LGS single crystals making it a potential substrate material for surface-acoustic wave applications.

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