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    • Electrical conductivity of (PbO)1−x(SnO)x

      J C Garg N C Parakh

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      Electrical conductivity of lead tin monoxide has been measured as a function of composition (x), temperature and electric field. Heat treatment of samples in vacuum produces an irreversible increase in conductivity and is probably due to chemisorption of oxygen. The thermal activation energies in screen printed layers have been found to be lower than that in pressed pellets and is considered to be due to more grain boundaries being present in the former. The non ohmic electrical conduction in pellets followsJVn relationship wheren ranges between 2 and 1·25 for different compositions and temperatures. The theory of space charge limited currents (sclc) in defect insulators has been invoked to explain the observed results.

    • Non-ohmic electric conduction in polycrystalline thulium oxide

      N C Parakh J C Garg

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      The current voltage behaviour of polycrystalline Tm2O3 has been investigated at 77 K and 300 K to 350 K. At low voltages, the conduction is ohmic while at higher voltages the current has a quadratic dependence on voltage. The voltageVT at which the transition from ohmic to non-ohmic conduction takes place changes from 180 V to 100 V as temperature increases from 77 K to 350 K. The results are interpreted in terms of the Rose theory of space charge limited currents (sclc) in defect insulators containing shallow traps.

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