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    • Flux dynamics of YBCO/Ag composite

      Indu Dhingra B K Das S C Kashyap

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      DC magnetization measurements have been carried out on bulk YBCO/Ag composites with silver content up to 20wt per cent. DC fields in the range 0·5 mT to 200 mT have been used to investigate the inter- and intragranular properties at 77K. The AC susceptibility as a function of temperature at different AC fields (0·026–0·30 mT) has also been studied. Under small DC fields (≈ 4 mT), depending on the Ag content andHmax, the M-H loop shows a complicated behaviour. This behaviour can be explained on the basis of effect of strong field dependence of transport critical current, grain size and intragrain critical current densityJcgm on low-field M-H loop. The estimation of intergranular critical current densityJcjm from these loops does not remain a simple function of ΔM/d. The AC susceptibility measurements show a small increase inJc(T) with silver content under low AC fields only, consistent with the transportJc data; beyond thatJc(T) decreases. This improvement inJc(T) and transportJc with silver can be ascribed to the improved coupling between grains but not to the pinning. Also at higher field (Hmax>20 mT) the addition of Ag decreases the intragrain critical current density. The upper critical field of intergranular regionHc2j and lower critical field of intragrain regionHc1g also decrease with silver content.

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