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    • Preparation and structural characterisation of chemically deposited Pb1−xCdxS films

      B B Nayak H N Acharya G B Mitra

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      Alloy films of Pb1−xCdxS have been prepared on glass substrates by electroless deposition from a chemical bath. Structural characterisation of the alloy was carried out by x-ray powder diffraction technique using Debye-Scherrer camera. The study shows that Pb1−xCdxS exists in cubic phase and the lattice constants are found to be greater than individual CdS and PbS value. This expansion of lattice is possibly due to interstitials. The lattice constants have been found to vary linearly with atomic percent of cadmium sulphide. The SEM micrographs show that particle size increases with increase in atomic percent of cadmium sulphide in the alloy.

    • Electrical and structural characteristics of oxides grown from polycrystalline silicon

      B B Dixit P D Vyas W S Khokle K Mahadevan H N Acharya

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      A comparative study of dielectric properties of polysilicon oxide with silicon dioxide, grown on single crystal silicon, shows that the former is more conducting due to the presence of asperites at polysilicon/SiO2 interface. This paper also reports attempts made to improve the electrical properties of polysilicon oxide by investigating the effects of oxidation temperature, polysilicon deposition temperature and doping on current field characteristics of polyoxide. Higher doping and higher oxidation temperature yield smoother interface with higher breakdown voltages and lower leakage currents. Surface morphology of polyoxide under different process conditions is also studied.

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