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    • Role of oxygen content in the structural and the superconducting properties of high temperature superconducting ErBa2Cu3Oy

      G K Bichile D G Kuberkar A K Rajarajan S S Shah L C Gupta R Vijayaraghavan

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      Samples of high temperature superconducting system ErBa2Cu3Oy prepared by the standard ceramic technique were found to have single phase. To vary the oxygen content in the samples, the mother compound was reduced by vacuum-annealing at different temperatures for a fixed period. The oxygen content was measured by gravimetric and iodometric titration procedures. The structural changes induced due to the variations in the oxygen content were studied by X-ray methods.

    • Magnetic ordering in Mg1+xMnxFe2−2xO4 system

      N N Jani B S Trivedi H H Joshi G K Bichile R G Kulkarni

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      Magnetization measurements of the ferrite system Mg1+xMnxFe2−2xO4 were undertaken primarily to study variation of the saturation magnetization with manganese concentration and to gain information about the type of magnetic ordering. The observations indicate the existence of Yafet-Kittel (YK) type of magnetic ordering in this system which is well supported by results of Mössbauer effect measurements. A molecular field analysis of the YK spin ordering using the three-sublattice model is shown to explain the experimental data satisfactorily.

    • Magnetic properties of the mixed spinel Co1+xSixFe2−2xO4

      S S Shinde K M Jadhav G K Bichile Bimal S Trivedi R G Kulkarni

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      The structural and magnetic properties of the mixed spinel Co1+xSixFe2−2xO4 system for 0·1≤x≤0·6 have been studied by means of X-ray diffraction, magnetization, and Mössbauer spectroscopy measurements. X-ray intensity calculations indicate that Si4+ ions occupy only tetrahedral (A) sites replacing Fe3+ ions, and the added Co2+ ions substitute for (B) site Fe3+ ions. The Mössbauer spectra at 300 K have been fitted with two sextets in the ferrimagnetic state corresponding to Fe3+ at the A and B sites, forx≤0·3. The Mössbauer intensity data shows that Si possesses a preference for the A site of the spinel. The variation of the saturation magnetic moment per formula unit measured at 300 K with the Si content, is explained on the basis of Neel’s collinear spin ordering model forx≤0·3 which is supported by Mössbauer, and X-ray data. The Curie temperature decreases nearly linearly with increase of the Si content, forx=0·1–0·6.

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