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    • Proton conduction in solids—A Raman spectral study

      G Aruldhas

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      The mechanism of proton conduction in hydrogen-bonded solids and the importance of Raman investigations to understand it are discussed here. The results of Raman investigations on the protonic conductors (NH4)3H(SO4)2 and Li2SO4·H2O under small d.c. electric fields have been discussed. The enhancement in intensity of the 859, 829 and 330 cm−1 bands of(NH4)3H(SO4)2 has been explained on the basis of proton movement along the N-H...O bond. Spectral changes of the bands due to torsional oscillation of the ammonium ion indicate the probability of hindered rotation of this group. The appearance of new bands at 773 and 1680cm−1 in Li2SO4·H2O indicates the formation of H3O+ electrolysis. The changes in stretching and bending modes of water are explained on the basis of polarizability changes induced by the migration of proton along the 0-H...0 bond and reorientation motion of water molecules.

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