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    • Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanoparticles using strong base electrolyte through electrochemical discharge process


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      In the present study, cupric oxide (CuO) nanoparticles were synthesized by electrochemical discharge process using strong base electrolytes. The experiments were carried out separately using NaOH and KOH electrolytes.The mass output rate and the crystal size were obtained with variation of the rotation speed of magnetic stirrer for both types of electrolytes. The mass output rate of CuO nanoparticles increased with the increase in the speed of rotation, and, after an optimum speed, it started decreasing. However, the size of the particles reduced with the increase of the rotation speed. The crystal plane of the obtained CuO nanoparticles was similar for both the electrolytes whereas the yield of nanoparticles was higher in KOH as compared with NaOH under the sameexperiment conditions. In this set of experiments, the maximum output rates obtained were 21.66 mg h$^{−1}$ for NaOH and 24.66 mg h$^{−1}$ for KOH at 200 rpm for a single discharge arrangement. The average crystal size of CuO particles obtained was in the range of 13–18 nm for KOH electrolyte and 15–20 nm for NaOH electrolyte. Scanning electron microscopy images revealed that flower-like and caddice clew-shaped CuO nanocrystalline particles weresynthesized by the electrochemical discharge process. Fourier transform infrared spectrum showed that the CuO nanoparticles have a pure and monolithic phase. UV–vis–NIR spectroscopy was used to monitor oxidation course of Cu→CuO and the band gap energy was measured as 2 and 2.6 eV for CuO nanoparticle synthesized in NaOH and KOH solutions, respectively.

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