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    • In vitro studies on crystallization of SeMHP and strategies for nucleation reduction

      G Kanchana P Sundaramoorthi G P Jeyanthi

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      Naturally many types of crystals grow in our human body. Especially different crystals or minerals are deposited in human urinary tracts. These crystals are named as octacalcium phosphate (OCP), calcium hydrogen phosphate (CHP), hydroxyapatite (HAP), magnesium hydrogen phosphate (MHP) etc. The SeMg-HPO4 crystals are also known as Selenio–Newberryite crystals. The main reasons for the formation of crystals are due to the increased concentration of magnesium and phosphate ions in the human urine. In the present study, SeMHP crystals are grown in silica gel medium at various concentrations and different pH values in sun light medium and laser exposed medium. It has been observed that the nucleation rate was partially and completely reduced in sunlight and laser exposed medium, respectively. During the growth period, Liesegang rings were observed. Characteristic studies of SeMHP crystals such as FTIR, AAS, SEM, XRD, TGA/DTA and etching were done. The results are compared with the reported values and discussed in detail.

    • In vitro studies of calcium mixed minerals growth in different growth faces and semiconductor laser induced suppression of nuclei strategy

      G Kanchana P Sundaramoorthi

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      Kidney stone consists of various organic, inorganic and semi organic compounds. Mineral oxalate monohydrate and di-hydrate are the main organic constituents of kidney stones. However, mechanisms leading to the formation of mineral oxalate kidney stones are not clearly understood. The effect of some urinary stone constituents such as ammonium oxalate, calcium citrate, proteins and trace elements were reported by us. The calcium magnesium hydrogen phosphate (CaMHP) crystals were grown in SMS gel medium which provides the necessary kidney stimuli growth medium. The growth processes were done by single diffusion method for different physical and chemical parameters. The pH range in which HPO$^{2-}_{4}$ ions dominates were considered which in turn is necessary for the growth of CaMHP crystals. In the present study, calcium magnesium hydrogen phosphate (CaMHP) crystals are grown in three different growth faces to attain the total nucleation reduction. As an extension of this research, many characterization studies have been carried out like XRD, FTIR, TGA, SEM and etching and the results are reported.

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