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    • Progress of (Sr, Ba) TiO3 ferroelectric thin film and tunability

      Fu Xinghua Shan Lianwei Ding Biyan Hou Wenping Fang Zhou Fu Zhengyi

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      The fabrication method, technology route and structure performances of (Sr, Ba) TiO3 (SBT) ferroelectric thin film have been summarized in this paper. The tunability of dielectric constant, dielectric loss and leakage current are the basic parameters of tunable microwave devices. The thin films of SBT with high properties could be fabricated by means of RF magnetron sputtering and sol–gel processing. The electrical performances of thin film material can be improved largely by dopants. Some problems are put forward to pay attention to this material research process.

    • Influence of bismuth on properties and microstructures of Sr0.5Ba0.5–𝑥Bi𝑥 TiO3 thin films

      Tao Wenhong Wang Yin Fu Xinghua Wei Qihong

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      The influence of bismuth (Bi) on the dielectric and ferroelectric properties of Sr0.5Ba0.5–𝑥Bi𝑥 TiO3 (BST, 0 < 𝑥 < 0.030 mol) thin films was studied. The results showed that the dielectric constant (𝜀r) and dielectric loss (tan 𝛿) decreased, and temperature, 𝑇m, for maximum and 𝜀r (Curie temperature), moved to lower temperature with increasing Bi content. The 𝑃r, 𝑃s and 𝐸c were 0.22 𝜇C/cm2, 0.32 𝜇C/cm2 and 60 kV/cm, respectively for Sr0.5Ba0.485Bi0.015TiO3 thin films measured at 100 Hz, 20 V. The microstructure of BST thin films was studied by XRD and TEM. Tetragonal perovskite grains existed in BST thin films, but the grain size decreased with increasing doping ratio in BST. The characteristic absorption band for octahedron [TiO2] (471.65 cm-1) was shifted to lower wave number.

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