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    • Study of ferromagnetism in Mn-doped ZnO whisker arrays

      Feng Zhu Ye Zhang Youguo Yan Wenhai Song Lingli Xia

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      Vertically aligned Mn–ZnO whiskers were grown on sapphire substrate by a thermal chemical vapour deposition method. X-ray diffraction measurements indicate that samples are high-quality single crystals and 𝑐-axis oriented. Raman and XPS analyses revealed that Mn was incorporated into the ZnO lattice. Room temperature 𝑇c ferromagnetism was observed. These Mn–ZnO whiskers may find their potential applications in spintronic field.

    • Sensing of polymeric sensor-based rhodamine B derivative for metal cations in complete aqueous solution


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      The water-soluble polymeric chemosensor poly(AM-GRBD) has been synthesized by precipitation copolymerization with the functional monomer, GRBD, which was made of N$"$-(rhodamine B-yl) diethylenetriamineand glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) and a hydrophilic co-monomer acrylamide (AM). The chemical sensor behaved as a fluorescent and chromogenic sensor towards various heavy metal cations and transition metal cations; particularly,Cr$^{3+}$, Fe$^{3+}$ and Hg$^{2+}$ ions in completely aqueous media. The fluorescence of poly(AM-GRBD) was enhanced by Cr$^{3+}, Fe$^{3+}$ and Hg$^{2+}$ metal ions. Moreover, during titration of Cr$^{3+}$, Hg$^{2+}$ or Fe$^{3+}$ to the aqueous solution of poly(AM-GRBD), the visual colour changed from colourless to pink or brown yellow under visible light.

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