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    • Adhesion enhancement for liquid silicone rubber and different surface by organosilane and Pt catalyst at room temperature

      Fang Wang Yanni Li Dan Wang

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      Surface modification of aluminum, glass, epoxy resin, polypropylene and polyethylene via corona discharge pretreatment and platinum catalyst addition to promote their adhesion with liquid silicone rubber is reported. The corona-pretreated substrate surface was silanized with vinyltrimethoxysilane to generate vinyl groups on the surface, which could be initiated by platinum catalyst to form vinyl radicals. Then, the vinyltrimethoxysilane modified substrate was dipped into platinum catalyst solution to introduce platinum on the vinyltrimethoxysilane surface. The modified aluminum surface was characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The strong adhesion property between liquid silicone rubber and different surface was achieved by introducing a small amount of vinyltrimethoxysilane and platinum catalyst, followed by curing at low temperature. XPS result indicated the formation of vinyltrimethoxysilane coating on aluminum surface. Peel strength for liquid silicone rubber/vinyltrimethoxysilane–platinum surface was over 3.2 kN/m compared to only 1.1 kN/m for liquid silicone rubber/vinyltrimethoxysilane–aluminum. The cohesive failure in the bulk of liquid silicone rubber was observed for liquid silicone rubber/vinyltrimethoxysilane–platinum surface. It is assumed that the cross-linking reactions between vinyl groups in the vinyltrimethoxysilane coating and unsaturated terminal group of liquid silicone rubber occur due to the existence of platinum catalyst.

    • High-temperature thermoelectric properties of Ag𝑥Y𝑦Ca2.8Co4O9 + 𝛿 ceramics

      Youjin Zheng Hui Zhou Tengzhou Ma Guihong Zuo Hongtao Li Taichao Su Chunlei Wu Hailiang Huang Dan Wang Longcheng Yin

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      Thermoelectric ceramics, Ag𝑥Y𝑦Ca2.8Co4O9 + 𝛿 (0 ≤ 𝑥, 𝑦 ≤ 0.15), have been prepared using a sol–gel method, followed by pressureless sintering. The phase structures and microstructures of oxides were investigated at room temperature. Thermoelectric properties including Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity were measured from 303 to 973 K. It was found that the samples contain nanostructured Ag phase with grain size of 100 nm. The Ag0.05Y0.15Ca2.8Co4O9 + 𝛿 sample has the maximum figure of merit (ZT ∼ 0.14 @ 973 K), which is about 27% higher than that of Ca3Co4O9 + 𝛿.

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      Posted on July 25, 2019

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