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    • Metallic glasses

      C Suryanarayana

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      Metallic glasses are a new class of materials produced by rapidly quenching the melts at rates often exceeding a million deg/sec. These have been found to display an optimum combination of properties such as high strength, good bend ductility, improved corrosion resistance and excellent soft magnetic properties. Thus, metallic glasses are emerging as economically viable competitors to conventional engineering materials.

      A clear understanding of the atomic structure of metallic glasses and its change during annealing are of prime importance. Although techniques such as field-ion microscopy (fim) x-ray diffraction and small angle x-ray scattering have been employed for this purpose, high resolution electron microscopic (hrem) investigations conducted during the last few years aided greatly in deriving information on the atomic scale. Availability of high-voltage high-resolution electron microscopes has been mainly responsible for this happy situation.

      Studies on several metallic glasses have revealed thathrem images contain well-defined pattern of fringes over local regions, even though the diffraction pattern is that of a typical amorphous structure. The details of structure in the early stages of crystallization derived throughhrem, fim and analytical microscopic techniques are presented and discussed.

    • Electron microscopy of metastable phases in rapidly solidified Al-Co alloys

      C Suryanarayana Jyothi Menon

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      Four binary Al-Co alloys containing 2·4, 14, 20 and 25 at.% Co and a ternary Al-Co-Si alloy with 20 at.% Co and 5 at.% Si were rapidly solidified from the liquid state by melt spinning. It has been shown that the solid solubility of Co in Al can be increased up to at least 1·7at.% from the negligible value under equilibrium conditions. Two metastable crystalline intermediate phases and a D1a-type ordered phase were observed in localized regions in the rapidly solidified Al-2·4at.%Co alloy. A quasicrystalline decagonal phase has been observed in all the other rapidly solidified alloys. This decagonal phase was shown to contain dislocations, dislocation loops and also twin-like defects. The phenomenon of polytypism was also observed in this decagonal quasicrystalline phase. In extremely thin areas of the Al-14at.% Co alloy ribbons on amorphous phase was detected. Transmission electron microscopy was used to extensively characterize the phases in the as-solidified condition and also those produced during and after transformation to the equilibrium constitution.

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