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    • Stabilization of unstable oxides

      C E Deshpande M N Sankarshana Murthy

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      Easily oxidizable oxides, FeO, and MnO, are unstable in air but can be easily stabilized by small amounts of other oxides. Further these two unstable oxides stabilize each other very well. Such stabilized FeO and MnO provide easy and reproducible methods of preparing electronic ceramics that need such unstable valency states in them. Ferrous-zinc ferrite has been successfully synthesized employing FeO stabilized with a small amount of Fe3O2.

    • Manganous-zinc ferrites synthesized out of MnO

      C E Deshpande P P Bakare M N Sankarshana Murthy

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      Manganous-zinc ferrites are best prepared directly from MnO and can be conveniently pressed with non-volatilizable binders such as polyvinyl alcohol which however can be burnt out without oxidizing the Mn2+ in the ferrite by sintering in a static atmosphere generated by the thermal dissociation of active ferric oxide pellets placed out of contact with the ferrite in the closed sintering unit. Such a process eliminates cracks and rejections in the sintered pieces besides giving very satisfactory and reproducible results.

    • Synthesis and study of structural, thermal, optical and magnetic properties of stabilized Mn1−xNixO system (0·01 <x < 0·30)

      P P Bakare C E Deshpande V G Gunjikar P Singh A B Mandale S K Date

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      A novel chemical passivation route is established to obtain microcrystalline solid solutions of binary oxidé system Mn1−xNixO (0·01 <x < 0·30). During the passivation process, controlled thermal decomposition of manganous oxalate is carried out to obtain pure MnO and its subsequent reaction with NiO in oxygen-free nitrogen resulted in microcrystalline powder of these solid solutions. The powder is thoroughly characterized by various physicochemical techniques such as XRD, DTA/TG/DTG, diffused reflectance spectra, magnetic susceptibility, TEM, XPS etc. The observed processing-structure-property correlations confirmed the improved thermal stability of these powders (relative to pure MnO) in air. The important role of dopant paramagnetic Ni2+ ions in enhancing the passivation of the bulk Mn2+ species is explained on the basis of the formation of mixed oxide complex species on the surface of these microcrystalline powders.

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