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    • A novel bio-inorganic bone implant containing deglued bone, chitosan and gelatin

      G Saraswathy S Pal C Rose T P Sastry

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      With the aim of developing an ideal bone graft, a new bone grafting material was developed using deglued bone, chitosan and gelatin. Deglued bone (DGB) which is a by-product of bone glue industries and has the close crystallographic similarities of hydroxyapatite was used as main component in the preparation of bone implant. Chitosan was prepared from the exoskeleton of prawn (Pinaeus indicus, family Crustaceae) which is a by-product of seafood industries. Chitosan gives toughness to the product and do not allow the DGB particles to wither away when the implant is placed in the defect. Gelatin was used as binder for the preparation of DGB–chitosan composite. The DGB, chitosan and DGB–chitosan–gelatin composite, which were prepared in the laboratory, were analysed for their physicochemical properties by infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy studies.

    • Mechanical and microstructure studies on the modification of CA film by blending with PS

      P Meenakshi S E Noorjahan R Rajini U Venkateswarlu C Rose T P Sastry

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      Dried Musa paradiciaca (banana) stem and veins of the leaves, which were hitherto discarded as a waste, were collected and used as starting material for the preparation of cellulose and cellulose acetate. This cellulose acetate was mixed with polystyrene to form blend of cellulose acetate–polystyrene in order to provide enhanced stability and extended utility to the end products. The films of these composites or their individual partners were made separately and studied for their mechanical properties, chemical modification and morphological changes. We report here that banana stem is good source of cellulose and that cellulose completely undergoes modification upon esterification.

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