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    • Preparation and structural characterisation of chemically deposited Pb1−xCdxS films

      B B Nayak H N Acharya G B Mitra

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      Alloy films of Pb1−xCdxS have been prepared on glass substrates by electroless deposition from a chemical bath. Structural characterisation of the alloy was carried out by x-ray powder diffraction technique using Debye-Scherrer camera. The study shows that Pb1−xCdxS exists in cubic phase and the lattice constants are found to be greater than individual CdS and PbS value. This expansion of lattice is possibly due to interstitials. The lattice constants have been found to vary linearly with atomic percent of cadmium sulphide. The SEM micrographs show that particle size increases with increase in atomic percent of cadmium sulphide in the alloy.

    • Vacancy-induced electronic states in substoichiometric V2 −xMoxO3 ±y thin films and powders—A soft X-ray emission study

      B S Acharya Rajeev L D Pradhan B B Nayak Pushparani Mishra

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      Vanadium oxide as well as molybdenum oxide thin films have been found to show electrochromism and metal insulator transitions. Incorporation of vanadium ion into molybdenum oxide lattice not only changes the lattice parameters but also shows prominent spectral changes in X-ray emission spectra. Kβ1-3 emission spectra of vanadium in different alloy films of V2O5-MoO3 system have been studied here and these have been compared with the X-ray emission spectra of similar composition of V2O5-MoO3 powders. For Kβ1-3 emission, the difference in values of asymmetry indices of thin films and powders is marginal, although considerable tailing towards high energy is observed in thin films. By curve fitting procedure, the Kβ1-3 emission spectra have been resolved to several gaussian peaks, and these have been explained on the basis of vacancy-induced electronic states, crossover transitions advocated in molecular orbital theory and plasmon oscillation.

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