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    • Tungstophosphoric acid supported onto hydrous zirconia: Physicochemical characterization and esterification of 1° and 2° alcohol

      Pankaj Sharma Anjali Patel

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      The Keggin type heteropolyacid, 12-tungstophosphoric acid (PW), was supported onto hydrous zirconia (Z) by impregnation method and designated as ZH3. The ZH3 was calcinated at 300°C and 500°C and designated as ZH33 and ZH35, respectively. The resulting materials were characterized by FTIR, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS), XRD, surface area measurement (BET method) and particle size distribution. The surface morphology was studied by scanning electron microscopy. The acidity of all materials was evaluated by carrying out chemisorption of ammonia and esterification of 1° alcohol (𝑛-butanol) with different acids like formic acid, acetic acid and propionic acid and 2° alcohol (cyclohexanol, iso-butanol) with acetic acid. Above studies show the high dispersion of HPA in a non-crystalline form on the support as well as uniform distribution of particles of ZH3 which contains 30% 12-tungstophosphoric acid. It also shows that when ZH3 was calcinated at 500°C, it possesses highest acidity for both chemisorption of NH3 as well as esterification reactions.

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