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    • Ce and Eu activated Na2Zn5(PO4)4, a new promising novel phosphor

      K N Shinde S J Dhoble Animesh Kumar

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      A new efficient phosphor, Eu2+/Eu3+ and Ce3+ activated Na2Zn5(PO4)4 has been synthesized by solid-state reaction technique at high temperature. X-ray powder diffraction analysis confirmed the formation of Na2Zn5(PO4)4 host lattice. Scanning electron microscopy indicated that the microstructure of the phosphor consisted of irregular fine grains with a size of about 0.5–2 𝜇m. Photoluminescence excitation spectrum measurements of Ce3+ activated Na2Zn5(PO4)4 show that the phosphor can be efficiently excited by UV-Vis light from 280 to 310 nm to realize emission in the visible (blue) range due to the 5𝑑–4𝑓 transition of Ce3+ ions which is applicable for scintillation purpose, whereas Eu2+/Eu3+ activated Na2Zn5(PO4)4 phosphor emits blue, green and red emission spectrum shows at 487 nm, 546 nm with a dominant peak at 611 nm respectively, due to Eu2+/Eu3+ ions which is promising candidate for solid state lighting. Therefore, newly synthesised, by low cost and easy technique prepared, novel phosphors may be useful as RGB phosphor for solid state lighting application.

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