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    • Ionic drift velocity measurement on hot-pressed Ag+ ion conducting glass-polymer electrolytes

      Angesh Chandra

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      Ionic drift velocity (𝑣d) measurements of a new Ag+ ion conducting glass-polymer electrolytes (GPEs): (1−x) PEO : x[0.8(0.75AgI:0.25AgCl) : 0.2(Ag2 O:V2O5)], where 0 < x < 50 wt%, were reported. GPEs were casted using the hot-press techniques developed in recent times. The composition: 70PEO : 30[0.8(0.75AgI : 0.25AgCl) : 0.2(Ag2O : V2O5)] with conductivity (𝜎)∼ 7.7 × 10−7 S cm−1 was identified as highest conducting composition from the compositional-dependent conductivity studies. The ionic mobility (𝜇), mobile ion concentration (𝑛), ionic transference number (𝑡ion) and ionic drift velocity (𝑣d) of GPEs were determined at different temperatures with the help of the d.c. polarization technique and other well-known important relations.

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