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    • Nucleation and growth of a multicomponent metallic glass

      Arun Pratap K G Raval Ajay Gupta S K Kulkarni

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      The metallic glass samples of Fe67Co18B14Si1 (2605CO), prepared by the melt spinning technique were procured from the Allied Corporation. The kinetics of crystallization of this multicomponent glassy alloy is studied using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The crystallization data have been examined in terms of modified Kissinger and Matusita equations for the nonisothermal crystallization. The results show enhanced bulk nucleation in general. At high heating rates added to it is surface induced abnormal grain growth resulting in fractal dimensionality.

    • Low temperature Mössbauer studies on magnetic nanocomposites

      K A Malini M R Anantharaman Ajay Gupta

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      Nanocomposites with magnetic components possessing nanometric dimensions, lying in the range 1–10 nm, are found to be exhibiting superior physical properties with respect to their coarser sized counterparts. Magnetic nanocomposites based on gamma iron oxide embedded in a polymer matrix have been prepared and characterized. The behaviour of these samples at low temperatures have been studied using Mössbauer spectroscopy. Mössbauer studies indicate that the composites consist of very fine particles of 𝛾-Fe2O3 of which some amount exists in the superparamagnetic phase. The cycling of the preparative conditions were found to increase the amount of 𝛾-Fe2O3 in the matrix.

    • Size-dependent magnetic properties in Cu0.25Co0.25Zn0.5Fe2O4

      Hina Bhargava V D Sudheesh J Nehra Varkey Sebastian N Lakshmi K Venugopalan V R Reddy Ajay Gupta

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      Cu0.25Co0.25Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles were prepared by a co-precipitation method and the size was varied by varying annealing temperatures. The cation distribution, estimated using Mössbauer spectroscopy, shows that it is the same for all samples, irrespective of the size. The variation of Curie temperature and saturation magnetization as a function of particle size, studied using d.c. magnetization, clearly indicates that these are a result of finite size scaling effects. The superparamagnetic size limit is estimated to be 8 nm.

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      Chemical Sciences 2020

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