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    • Synthesis and characterization of short sisal fibre polyester composites


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      Natural fibres have the potential to replace synthetic fibres for making polymer composites because of their good engineering properties. Sisal fibres obtained from the leaves of the sisal plant exhibit high strength among various other natural fibres, but have not been yet fully explored. Nevertheless, the impact of sisal fibre in polymer composites depends on sisal fibre extraction process, characteristic of fibre, fibre binder ratios, synthesizing technique, etc. In the present study, a detailed experimental protocol was conducted for sisal cultivation, fibre extraction, processing and development of compositeboards/panels and assessed the impact of incorporation of chopped strand sisal fibre mat on the mechanical behaviour of polyester composites. The results revealed that the diameter of sisal fibre harvested after 5 years of its cultivation varied from 275 to 475 $\mu$m with a tensile strength of 121–337 MPa; tensile modulus of 2.59–10.47 GPa; elongation at break varied from 3.37 to 10.86%. It is imperative to note that the mechanical properties of sisal composites significantly improved with the incorporation of chopped strand sisal fibre mat (preform). The tensile, flexural and impact strengths of composites developed using chopped short sisal fibre mat (preform) were $45.87 \pm 3.2$, $102.29 \pm 9$, $33,954 \pm 5288$ J m$^{−2}$, respectively. The findings of the study revealed the effectiveness of sisal fibre as reinforcing materials in polyester composites for use in building construction products and automotive applications.

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