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    • Effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate on flow and electrokinetic properties of Na-activated bentonite dispersions

      E Günıster S İşçı A Alemdar N Güngör

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      The present study reports the effect of anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS, C12H25 OSO3Na) upon the electrokinetic (electrophoretic mobility, zeta potential) and rheological (viscosity, yield value) properties of the Ca-bentonitic clay found in Turkey and its Na-activated form. The SDS dispersant was added in different concentrations in the range of 1 × 10-5-5 × 10-2 mol/l. The results show that the viscosity and zeta potential values of bentonite dispersion are affected by the addition of anionic surfactant. The obtained data are analysed by considering the kind of exchangeable cations. Thixotropic property effect was observed in bentonite dispersions.

    • Effects of polyethyleneimine adsorption on rheology of bentonite suspensions

      A Alemdar N Öztekin F B Erim Ö I Ece N Güngör

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      The influence of the cationic polymer, polyethyleneimine polymer (PEI) on the flow behaviour of bentonite suspensions (2%, w/w), was studied. XRD, zeta potential and adsorption studies were done together with rheological measurements. The addition of PEI at concentration ranges of 10-5–4.5 g/l and their rheological properties and stability of bentonite suspensions were studied. The adsorption rates for the bentonite suspensions are very fast. The XRD results showed that the PEG molecules did not intercalate into the layers of the clay.

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