• V Nandagopal

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    • Application of sex pheromones in sugarcane pest management

      H David B F Nesbitt S Easwaramoorthy V Nandagopal

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      Seven species of moth borers are known to cause heavy losses in sugarcane production in different parts of the country. Because of their concealed habits, the control of these borers becomes complex and hence a number of methods have been tried to suppress their field population. The sex behaviour of four species of these borersviz., internode borer, stalk borer, shoot borer and top borer have been studied in recent years and among these the internode borer and stalk borer have been found to have potent sex attractants. Mass trapping may be useful in the management of internode borer while disruption technique is likely to be useful in the case of stalk borer. In both the borer species, the synthetic pheromones will be highly useful in monitoring their activity.


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