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    • Factors affecting ant (Formicidae: Hymenoptera) visits to the extrafloral nectaries ofCroton bonplandianum Baill

      T Veena A R V Kumar K N Ganeshaiah

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      Croton bonplandianum invites a set of ant species to its extrafloral nectaries. The composition and frequency of these nectariferous ants on the plant were distinctly different from those on the ground. We have investigated the factors that govern visitation pattern of the ant species to the plant.

      The available pattern of nectar, and the age-related increase in the nectar content influence the ant visitation. Availability of nectar in small dispersed units specifically encourages the visits of individual foragers and discourages the group foragers. Increase in the nectar content of the plant with aging, favours the host occupation by the nomadic ants,Tapinoma melanocephalum F. A few species such asPheidole woodmasoni Forel could not harvest the nectar in the plant due to their inability to climb. Differences in the habitat preferences of ants affect their composition on the host plants.


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