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      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Impact of differential feeding on the reproduction of tiger beetleCicindela cancellata DeJean (Cicindelidae: Coleoptera)

      T Shivashankar G K Veeresh

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      Tiger beetles belonging to the family Cicindelidae are exclusively predaceous and have great impact on the natural eco-balance. Recent studies have revealed the existence of more than 300 species all over India under divergent habitats and none have been exploited for biological control of insect pests. Studies on the impact of differential feeding on the reproduction ofCicindella cancellata revealed a definite relationship between the quality and quantity of food consumed by adults on the fecundity, egg size, longevity of the adults, larval emergence pattern and the survivability of first instar larvae.Corcyra cephalonica larvae fed 3 times a day (55·74 mg) resulted in maximum egg production, longer adult life and longer survival of first instar larvae, followed by Corcyra, one larvae per day (37·16 mg) and mixed food of spiders, hoppers and Corcyra (alternately) 32·81 mg). Least fecundity was observed when fed with ants alone and no eggs with no food.

    • Foraging activity and temperature relations in the ponerine antHarpegnathos saltator Jerdon (Formicidae)

      T Shivashankar H C Sharathchandra G K Veeresh

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      Harpegnathos saltator Jerdon constructs nests in the shade of plants and are strictly individual foragers. The nest entrance is barricaded by seeds, seed stalks and faecal pellets of rodents, the function of which is not clear. The diurnal foraging activity is controlled by a combination of surface temperature and light. High midday surface temperature resulted in the bimodal transit activity in a day.


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