• Saroj Kumari

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Observations on the social behaviour of the Indian desert gerbil,Meriones hurrianae

      Saroj Kumari Ishiwar Prakash

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      Socio-behavioural components (fighting, chasing, scent marking, thumping, digging and kick back) were studied in a group of Indian desert gerbil,Meriones hurrianae in a Rattery (13 × 7 m). Male gerbils were found to be more active and performed all the aggressive acls at a higher frequency (F< 0.01) than the females, indicating that social organization inM. hurrianae is male-dominated. It was revealed that this gerbil is not contact-prone in nature and the associates in a social group avoid the dominant ones. The dominant male accepts sub-dominant individuals, whereas only the dominant female performs aggressive acts. The evolution of sociability inM. hurrianae has an adaptive value of self-regulatory mechanism of population control.

    • Relative efficacy of male and female conspecific urine in masking shyness behaviour in Indian gerbil,Tatera indica

      Saroj Kumari Ishwar Prakash

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      In a choice test, the Indian gerbils,T. indica preferred urine-mixed food over ordinary millet indicating a phago-stimulant nature of conspecific urine. The experiments also revealed that addition of conspecific urine mitigates the poison aversion and bait shyness behaviour significantly, as a result of which zinc phosphide poisoning can be attempted a second time in a sequence, thus enhancing the control success.T. indica showed a clear preference for urine of the same sex which suggests that the active attractant in the urine has no sex attraction.


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