• S William Decruse

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Histological studies on femaleSetaria digitata (von Linstow 1906), a filaria of bovine,Bos indicus

      S William Decruse R Kaleysa Raj

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      The fine structure ofSetaria digitata based on histological assessment is described. The cuticle is thick and multilayered. The well developed longitudinal muscles consists of fibrillar zone only and cover about 65–70% of the circumferences throughout its body, the rest being occupied by the very voluminous lateral hypodermal chords. The digestive system is well developed and the intestine possesses a narrow simple tube consisting of a single layer of epithelial cells. The paired genital tubes run through almost the entire length of the body until the two uteri unite to form a short unpaired vagina. Morphologically distinct spermatheca is absent, but posterior part of uterus serves the function. Gradation of developmental stages—fertilized egg to microfilariae—occur from posterior to anterior part of uterus. The developing embryos are interconnected and also connected to the uterine wall. This condition commences from early embryogenesis and exists up to hatching stage. Probable function of these connections in the synchronised development of embryos and as ‘nutritive channels’ for the supply of nutrients has been discussed.


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