• S N Joshi

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    • Relative fecundity ofLabeo gonius (Ham.) from Nanaksagar reservoir

      S N Joshi S S Khanna

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      Eighty three specimens ofLabeo gonius were examined to study the fecundity of the species. The weight of the two ovaries together accounted for 14·71 to 21·87% of the total weight of the fish. Specimens about 1 kg in weight had ovaries weighing about 205·312 g on an average and this worked out to about 19·93% of the total weight of the fish. The average number of eggs per g weight of fish and ovary was 271 and 1424 respectively. The fecundity per kg body weight of fish was 286111. The relationships between standard length and fecundity, total weight and fecundity, ovary weight and fecundity, ovary length and fecundity, ovary volume and fecundity, fish length and ovary weight and fish weight and ovary weight ofLabeo gonius have been determined.


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