• S K Sarkar

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Composition and variations in the abundance of zooplankton in the Hooghly estuary, West Bengal, India

      S K Sarkar B N Singh A Choudhury

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      Total zooplankton biomass and the constituent species under the major taxa in relation to hydrographic conditions in the Hooghly estuarine complex were studied around Sagar Island during March 1979 to February 1981. Higher numerical counts and biomass of zooplankton occurred during high saline premonsoon period. During monsoon efflux most of the stenohaline organisms disappeard and only the low salinity species alongwith the euryhaline ones were able to thrive in the estuary. Copepods constituted the most predominant portion of zooplankton biomass throughout the year. Two peaks of zooplankton were invariably noticed—primary major peak during June/July and January/February showed the secondary major peak.

    • Experimental study on addition of superphosphate and mahua oil cake for increased yield from fish ponds

      S K Sarkar

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      Survival, growth and reproduction ofCyprinus carpio were studied in ponds treated with mahua oil cake and single superphosphate. The results indicated that single superphosphate (500 kg/ha) compensated for the deleterious effects of mahua oil cake (2,000 kg/ha) on survival, growth and reproduction of fish. Better fecundity-weight relationship of fish and bottom organisms were evident at the same input levels. In order to maintain ammonia concentration in ponds below the toxic threshold, application of single superphosphate seems to be essential. For better fish culture management, use of mahua oil cake in high amount or its frequent addition should be avoided.


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