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    • Karyotypic studies inGarra lamta andMystus cavassius (Pisces)

      A R Khuda-Bukhsh S K Gupta S Goswami

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      Karyomorphological studies were made on males ofGarra lamta (Fam : Cyprinidae) and on both sexes ofMystus cavassius (Fam : Bagridae) from their kidney metaphase complements.Garra lamta had 2n = 50 chromosomes alignable into 25 homomorphic pairs comprising 3 pairs of metacentrics, 9 pairs of submetacentrics, 6 pairs of subtelocentrics and 7 pairs of telocentrics (NF = 86).Mystus cavassius had 2n = 58 chromosomes in both sexes and their karyotypes revealed 29 pairs of homomorphic chromosomes consisting of 7 pairs of metacentrics, 13 pairs of submetacentrics, 2 pairs of subtelocentrics and 7 pairs of telocentrics (NF = 102). No sex chromosome was identifiable in any sex of the two species.


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