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    • Effect of food quality on fecundity ofMylabris pustulata (Coleoptera: Meloidae)

      T Manoharan S Chockalingam K P S Jeyachandran

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      Observations on the fecundity ofMylabris pustulata maintained on two different food plantsIpomoea cornea andIpomoea tuberosa, with males and females reared separately on the flowers of these two host plants are discussed.Mylabris pustulata reared onIpomoea cornea laid 144±30·80 eggs while that onIpomoea tuberosa only 93±38·87 eggs. The chemical composition of the flowers ofI. cornea andI. tuberosa revealed that protein concentration is greater inIpomoea cornea (4·88%) thanIpomoea tuberosa (4·64%). The quantity of food ingested is also greater when reared onIpomoea cornea (1055 mg). In the light of these observations it is presumed that the food rich in protein concentrations is among the principal factors influencing fecundity.

    • Sublethal effects of penfluron on the feeding physiology ofPapilio demoleus Linn (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

      P Somasundaram S Chockalingam

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      Topical and oral application of penfluron toPapilio demoleus Linn indicated that 7·6 μg of penfluron was needed through topical method to produce 50% mortality. Penfluron treatment caused a marked reduction in growth to a significant level of 42% in oral administration at dose 1·96 μg and 35% in topical application at sublethal dose 1·52 μg over that of control larva. The efficiency ofPapilio demoleus to grow on citrus plant was very much affected.


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