• S Ajmal Khan

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Laboratory reared larval stages of the marine hermit crabClihanarius clibanarms (Herbst) (Decapoda: Anomura)

      S Ajmal Khan S Sundaramoorthy Mercy Thomas T Kannupandi R Natarajan

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      The development of the larvae of the marine hermit crabClihanarius clibanarius (Herbst) reared in the laboratory (salinity 34‰±1‰ and temperature 28°C ±1°C) is reported. Four zoeal stages and a glaucothoe were observed during development. Characteristics of the larval stages are described and compared with other known species of this genus. The time taken for development from hatching to glaucothoe is given.

    • Shell selection in the estuarine hermit crabClibanarius longitarsus (De Haan)

      S Ajmal Khan R Natarajan

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      In the laboratory, under choice situation,C. longitarsus preferred shells with greater shell width and shell weight. The correlation coefficient values calculated between the crab and shell parameters in the laboratory sample showed that this hermit crab selects a shell of suitable dimension for its occupation. In the multiple regression equations calculated with carapace length against the three shell variables aperture width, shell width and shell weight which are deemed to be important for hermit crabs, the regression coefficient of the variables varied much. The unsealed first principal component explained 84·9% of the total variability of the shell parameters and scaled first principal component explained 95·8% of shell parameters. The scaled first principal component was found to be a reliable estimator of shell size and the hermit crab, if given a choice, selected a shell of suitable dimension which fits its body quite closely.


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