• Ravi Parkash

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Homology of acid phosphatase gene inDrosophila malerkotliana andD. bipectinata

      Ravi Parkash Kulbir S Gill A K Sharma

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      Acid phosphatase is monogenically inherited inDrosophila bipectinata and this gene is monoallelic in the population maintained at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. The acid phosphatase band ofbipectinata shows the same mobility in starch gel as does the band determined byAcph-11.05 allele ofmalerkotliana. Hybrid flies betweenbipectinata andAcph-110.5malerkotliana show only a single band with the same mobility as does that of each of the parents. Hybrid flies betweenbipectinata andAcph-11.0 orAcph-10.95 allele ofmalerkotliana show an additional intermediate band in addition to the two parental bands. The additional band is a heterodimer and shows that acid phosphatase is a dimer inbipectinata and thatbipectinata andmalerkotliana acid phosphatase protomers possess identical stereospecific properties. It is concluded thatAcph-1 genes inbipectinata andmalerkotliana are homologous.

    • Mitotic complement, salivary chromosome map and chromosomal polymorphism inDrosophila jambulina Parshad and Paika

      Pritam S Rajput Ravi Parkash G S Miglani

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      The somatic karyotype ofDrosophila jambulina includes three pairs of V-shaped and one pair of rod-like chromosomes in the female, whereas one red is replaced by a J-shaped element in the male. The salivary chromosome complement comprises five long and one extremely short arms radiating out from a chromocentre. The photomap of salivary gland chromosomes has been prepared and the important identifiable landmarks described. From a sample of 130 wild females studied, 79 heterozygous paracentric inversions of 29 types and four deletions of three types have been detected, thus demonstrating that this species is highly polymorphic.


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