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    • Environmental restraints on the food conversion of cyprinid forage fishes: Influence of availability of food onRasbora daniconius (Hamilton)

      R Nagendran R Ponnuchamy Katre Shakuntala

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      The effects of food availability on the bioenergetics and the body composition of the cyprinidRasbora daniconius (Ham.) have been described. During the 15-day experimental period, fish in the weight range of 475 to 1660 mg were fed daily onTubifex tubifex for different durations. The food intake increased from 7·96±2·323 mg dry/fish/day for fish exposed to food for 2 hr to 11·57±0·757 mg dry/fish/day for fish fedad libitum diet. For the same series of fish, the feeding rate also increased. Growth of fish expressed as mg gain in dry weight/fish/day increased with increases in food intake. However, the food conversion efficiency was highly variable in relation to the daily food intake or feeding rate.

    • Observations on the fecundity of the cyprinidRasbora daniconius (Hamilton)

      R Nagendran Katre Shakuntala G N Natarajan H R K Vasan

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      The present paper reports the fecundity(F) ofRasbora daniconius in relation to the total body length (L), total body weight (W) and gonad weight (G) of the fish. Catch data indicated a predominance of females during the months of July–August which is the breeding season of this species. The collected fish in the length range of 7·7–11·7 cm bore a linear relationship with their weights. The fecundity of the fish ranged from 580 to 11040 eggs fish−1. Fecundity exhibited a linear relationship withL, G andW. By subjecting the data to multiple regression analyses, a new and convenient method of best predictions ofF inR. daniconius in relation toL alone has been developed.


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