• P V Pradhan

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    • In vivo effect of dimethoate on acetylcholinesterases from a freshwater teleost,Notopterus notopterus

      R S Hande P V Pradhan

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      The effect of exposure to dimethoate, an organophosphorus insecticide, on the activity of soluble and membrane-bound fractions of acetylecholinesterases from the brain of the Indian razor-fish,Notopterus notopterus was studied. The fishes were exposed to a concentration of 2 ppm of the insecticide for a period of 4 weeks. The two fractions of the enzyme exhibited a reduced efficiency, as indicated byVmax/Km ratios. The exposure to the insecticide resulted in 96·25% reduction in VmJKm for the membrane-bound fraction and 68·7% reduction in the corresponding value for the soluble enzyme as compared to those of the control set of fishes.


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