• P S R Murthy

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Tissue changes in the pancreas of guinea pigs immunized with insulin

      P S R Murthy P K Jain S K Mukherjee

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      Immunization of guinea pigs with plain insulin for 4 weeks followed by insulin in Freund’s complete adjuvant for a further period of 8 weeks induced a variety of inflammatory changes in the pancreas of the animals. Mononuclear cell infiltration of the islets of Langerhans (insulitis), periductulitis, collagen proliferation and deposition of alcian blue and PAS-reactive mucosubstances in some of the acinar lobules were some of the conspicuous changes observed in the pancreas of all the immunized animals. It is evident that guinea pigs, which are usually resistant to insulitis-inducing manoeuvres, develop more or less well-defined insulitis on prolonged immunization with insulin.


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