• P S Borikar

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Resistance in sorghum toSitophilus oryzae Linn.

      P S Borikar D S Tayde

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      An attempt was made to screen out some promising varieties of sorghum resistant toSitophilus oryzae Linn. The studies revealed that varietal reaction in regard to number of weevils emerged was significant. Hybrids CSH-8R, CSH-1 and CSH-5 and varieties, 168 and 370 showed least population of weevil than local R-16 and 604. The developmental period of the weevil showed no significant differences. The results obtained in respect of the number of females emerged were significant while the reverse was the case with the number of males emerged. An overall higher percentage of females was observed in majority of the varieties tested. Local varieties R-16 and 370 favoured development of females. Varieties 604 and 370 had maximum percentage of infested grains and also recorded maximum weight loss than hybrids. The resistance rated was CSH-8R>168>CSH-1>CSH-5>370>R-16>604 taking weevil emergence as a criterion.


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