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    • Observations on the mucopolysaccharides in the mantle ofBarbatia obliquata (Gray) (Arcidae)

      P Rupavathi K Hanumantha Rao K Shyamasundari

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      InBarbatia obliquata the mantle edge is divided into three folds as in most other lamellibranchs. Two types of gland cells are noticed in the mantle; epithelial and sub-epithelial. The epithelial glands include mucous glands, mucoprotein glands and lipid glands. The epithelial mucous glands secrete metachromatic, alcianophilic sulphated mucopolysaccharides. The sub-epithelial mucous glands are classified into two categories, according to their histochemical reactions. Some of them secrete non-metachromatic, alcianophilic sulphated mucopolysaccharides and the others secrete mucosubstances which are carboxylated.


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