• P Konda Reddy

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • On the taxonomic characters of two major carp hybrids, catlarohu and rohu-catla

      P Konda Reddy T J Varghese

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      Two major carp hybrids, namely, catla-rohu and rohu-catla, were produced by crossing male catla with female rohu and male rohu with female catla, respectively. The taxonomic characters of the two hybrids were studied and compared with those of the parental species, catla and rohu. The two hybrids were intermediate between the parental species for most of the taxonomic characters. In both the hybrids, the body was deeper than in rohu and the head smaller than in catla. This combination of characters makes the hybrids more desirable breeds than either parent. In both the hybrids, the mouth was terminal and only the lower lip was slightly fringed. They possessed a pair of short maxillary barbels. The two hybrids catla-rohu and rohu-catla resemble each other, the difference being noticed only in a couple of minor characters.


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