• Nirupama Agrawal

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • On two unknown and one known monogenetic trematodes, from the gills ofWallago attu Schneider

      Nirupama Agrawal

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      Two new monogenetic trematodes,Thaparocleidus yogendraii n.sp.,T.jaini n.sp. andDactylogyms kontii Tripathi, 1957 have been described from the gills ofWallago attuSchneider at Lucknow.Thaparocleidus yogendraii is characterised by the shape of ventral anchor, number of marginal hooklets and absence of a handle in the accessory piece of cirrus andT.jaini by the shape and arrangement of anchors and marginal hooklets. Moreover, certain features of interest have been added to the original description ofD. kontii Tripathi, 1957.

    • Further remarks on the genusTremiorchis Mehra and Negi, 1925

      K C Pandey Nirupama Agrawal

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      Tremiorchis ranarum Mehra and N?gi, 1925 has been recorded from the frogsRana tigrina Daud andRana cyanophlyctis Schneider, at district Lucknow.T. varanum Verma, 1930 has been transferred under the genusAstiotrema Looss.T. mehrai Rai, 1962;T. vitelloconfluentum Rai 1962;T. tigrinarum Sinha et al 1974;T. mathuraensis Swaroop and Jain 1976 andT. spiniphlyctis Kalyankar and Palladwar 1978 have been considered synonyms ofT. ranarum Mehra and Negi 1925.

    • Studies on someTetracotyle Fillipi (1859) metacercariae from fishes of Lucknow

      Nirupama Agrawal Shakila Khan

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      Three unknownTetracotyle metacercariae, collected from piscine host, have been described.Tetracotyle pandei n.sp.,Tetracotyle srivastavai n.sp. AndTetracotyle ramalingi n.sp. were collected from the visceral organs and musculature ofChanna punctatus (Bl.). They are characterised by the shape and position of pseudosuckers, shape of hold fast organ and hold fast gland, number and postion of genital rudiment and pattern of reserve excretory system.


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