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    • Life table for the gram pod borer,Heliothis armigera Hbn. on three pulse crops

      N Dhandapani M Balasubramanian

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      Studies on the innate capacity ofHeliothis armigera to increase themselves on bengalgram,Cicer arietinum L., lab-lab,Dolichos lab-lab L. and redgram,Cajanus cajan L were made. The net reproductive rate representing the total female births was 208·56, 236·78 and 164·84, the population increased with an infinitesimal rate of 0·1255, 0·1395 and 0·1340 and finite rate of 1·33, 1·50 and 1·44 per female per day and a generation was completed in 42·56, 39·20 and 38·10 days on bengalgram, lab-lab and redgram respectively. The population of reaching a stable age distribution comprised approximately 99% of immature stages on all the hosts.


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