• Mahavir Gupta

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    • A quantitative study and ultrastructure of flagellar sensillae ofApis florea F. (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

      Mahavir Gupta

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      The sensory receptors of the flagellum ofApis florea were studied with simple and transmission electron microscopy. The antenna consists of scape, pedicel and 10 segmented flagellum. Scape and pedicel have only feather like hairs and no structures like the setae or sensillae of the flagellum. The first two segments of the flagellum were covered with setae. The distribution and population of sensilla trichodea, sensilla placodea and sensilla basiconica were determined. Sensilla trichodea were found in maximum numbers and were present on all the flagellar segments. Sensilla placodea and sensilla basiconica were present on 8 distal segments. Transmission electron microscopy studies revealed that the surface of the shaft of sensilla trichodea is serially striated having small permeable points probably indicating pores. The lumen of the sensillum is filled with many dendrites and the dendrites are enclosed in the dendritic sheath.


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