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    • Biochemical correlates of the mechanism of salt uptake and excretion in the gills of freshwater field crab on adaptation to higher salinity

      M V V Subramanyam R V Krishnamoorthy

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      Male adult paddy field crabs (Oziotelphusa senex senex) were adapted to salinity of 34%. After 3 months the gill lamella of the crab was sectioned and examined under an electron microscope and compared with that of freshwater crabs. The apical region nearest to cuticular boundary showed numerous foldings projecting into the cytoplasm of the epithelium. This brush border appearance disappeared in salinity-adapted crabs. Mitochondria also reduced in number in the sections of salinity adapted crabs. In seawater medium the crabs showed a hypo-osmotic regulation. This regulation is said to be involved in active sodium excretion through gills, in contrast to the active Na+ uptake found in freshwater crabs. The ultrastructural changes have been correlated with significant reduction in cholesterol and phospholipid molar ratios of the gill as well as Na+ + K+ ATPase and divalent ion ATPase activities of particulate system of the crab. The univalent ion ATPase activity served as a marker to show the reduced uptake of Na+ on adaptation to higher salinity. The reduced Ca2+ ATPase activity in the gills of seawater adapted crabs has been correlated with the reduced phospholipid content of the gill tissue.

    • Biochemical correlates of agonistic behaviour inBandicota bengalensis: Hepatic cholesterol and ascorbic acid

      Shakunthala Sridhara T Somasekhar Elizabeth John M V V Subramanyam A Sundarabai

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      Social stress was induced inBandicota bengalensis by staging 10 min encounters in neutral area between male-male, male-female and residents-intruder male for 9 continuous days. On the 10th day changes in the weight, ascorbic acid, and cholesterol levels of liver were estimated. In submissive males, females of male-female encounter and intruders, adrenals hypertrophied. Liver weight remained unaltered. Ascorbic acid levels increased in both members of heterosexual pair, residents and intruder but decreased in subordinates compared to controls. Cholesterol increased in subordinate males and stressed females.

    • Sodium coupled nutrient transport in the midgut tissue of the silkworm,Bombyx mori L.

      M V V Subramanyam S K Sarangi

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      Fifth instar larvae ofBombyx mori were administered with additional Na+ ion orally. The concentration of Na+ increased and that of K+ decreased significantly in the haemolymph within 24 h. There was no marked difference in the ionic concentration of the midgut cell while K+ increased in the gut content. The protease activity increased significantly in gut lumen with a resultant increase in amino acid concentration, which showed a decrease in gut tissue and haemolymph. The protein content did not show significant change in gut lumen, while in gut tissue and haemolymph it decreased markedly. The results are discussed in relation to the Na+-linked nutrient transport mechanism in the gut epithelium ofBombyx mori.


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