• M Udhayakumar

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Byssal threads ofMytilopsis sallei (Recluz) and their adhesive strength

      M Udhayakumar A A Karande

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      The dreissenid musselMytilopsis sallei (Recluz) settles on man made structures in confined harbour waters. The mussel unlike some mytilids is never found to have settled on coastal sea bed. It shows a good capacity to produce a byssus apparatus and develops a new one every time it settles afresh. Younger mussels develop byssus apparatus at shorter intervals and therefore move more often. Adults are relatively passive. Byssal thread development is influenced by the environmental factors and also by the quality of surface. The mussel achieves better adhesion on polar surfaces like slate and glass than on teflon. Tensile strength of adhesive threads is very poor as compared to other mytilids. This possibly is one of the reasons for its absence on sea beds where sea water turbulence is very high.

    • Shell structure and shell strength in Cirripedes

      A A Karande M Udhayakumar

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      Compressive and adhesive strengths of 7 barnacles endemic to Bombay shore were ascertained by using Instron universal testing machine. The adhesive strengths of balanid species settled on man-made materials like bakelite, asbestos, perspex, rubber, glass and teflon were determined. The adhesion on teflon was found to be the poorest. Comments are made on the compressive strengths of barnacles and their shell macrostructures. A need for the adoption of uniform method of the preparation of shell samples as well as of instrumental technique has been suggested for computing fresh data for the representative species.


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