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    • On some plant galls from the Fiji Islands

      M S Mani P Jayaraman

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      This paper describes 34 new galls and records one widely distributed gall, collected by the first author in the course of a two-month visit to the Fiji Islands. The midge galls include those onFlacourtia sp.,Calophyllum sp.,Heritiera ornithocephala, Canarium vitiense, Syzygium rubescens, Astronidium sp.,Plerandra vitiense, Tapeinosperma sp.,Pagiantha thurstonii, Cyrtandra sp.,Glochidion ramniflorum, Gironniera celtidifolia, Gnetum gnemon, etc. The Eriophyid galls are onHibiscus schizopetalus, Hibiscus tiliaceus, Brucea javanica, Vitis vitifolia, Pometia pinnata, Ipomaea gracilis, Ipomaea sp.,Macaranga magna andNephrolepis biserrata. The Psyllid galls occur onCanarium sp.,Haplolobus floribundus, Maesa tabacifolia, Myristica micrantha, Cryptocarya sp. The dominance of leaf galls and midge galls is considered as strong evidence of the relatively recent origin of the flora of these islands.


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