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    • Characteristics of phenoloxidases in larval cuticle of the coconut pest,Oryctes rhinoceros

      R Jeyaraj T Thangaraj C A Vasuki M Aruchami

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      Characteristics of cuticular phenoloxidases of the coconut pest,Oryctes rhinoceros were studied biochemically with respect to substrate specificity, pH optima, thermostability and the behaviour of the enzyme in the presence of various chemicals. Biochemical studies indicate that the larval cuticle contains tyrosinase (EC, 1·10·3·1 Ortho diphenol: O2 oxidoreductase), and laccase type of enzymes (EC, 1·10·3·2. Para diphenol: O2 oxidoreductase). These enzymes showed similarity to enzyme types A and C with respect to the enzyme activity in the larval cuticle ofCalliphora vicina. In the electrophoretic study two fractions are discernable in the gel which confirms the occurrence of two enzymes namely tyrosinase and laccase types.


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