• K Veena Kumari

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    • Behavioural analysis of feeding and breeding in Lamellicorn beetles

      G K Veeresh K Veena Kumari

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      Social behaviour is recognised in nine families of Coleoptera. The Lamellicorn beetles, in the families Passalidae and Scarabaeidae exhibit varying types of social behaviour.

      Sound production by stridulation in both the larvae and adult passalids is attributed as a social behaviour to hold the families together.

      Some South American scarabs live very close to the anus of sloths and monkeys in order to oviposit on their dung. Many have association with ant nests either for food, shelter or breeding.

      The dung beetles present a whole sequence of bisexual cooperation in the nesting behaviour, excavation and ball-rolling. Parental care is exhibited to a varying degree. An attempt has been made to review the feeding and breeding behaviour of Lamellicorn beetles in the light of available Indian literature including studies made by the authors.


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