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    • Interactions of feeding frequency and density on food utilization in air-breathing murrel,Channa striatus

      K Sampath T J Pandian

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      In a factorial design of experiment, effects of feeding frequency on food utilization were studied inChanna striatus. Feeding frequency is positively related, whereas density is negatively related to the tested energetics components; absorption efficiency remains independent of both feeding frequency and density. Based on the minimum water requirement, a fish pond with an average depth of 1·5 m and an area of 1 ha could be stocked with 1·15 million fry ofC. striatus, of size 3 g. There is a significant interaction between feeding frequency and density suggesting that adverse effects of density could be compensated by increasing the frequency of feeding.

    • Food utilization and surfacing activity ofChanna striatus fry in relation to quality of food

      K Sampath E Vivekanandan

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      Effects of food items (mosquito larva, pupa, chironomous larva and chopped pieces of the fishLepidocephalichthyes thermalis) on food utilization and surfacing activity ofChanna striatus fry were studied. Test individuals fed on live food organisms surfaced 94–117% more frequently, consumed 23–119% more rations/day and, on an average, converted 33% more than those fed on pieces ofLepidocephalichthyes thermalis. Regardless of the quality of food,Channa striatus surfaced about 60 times/h before each meal and the frequency increased to 130 times/h 3–6h after the meal was offered and returned to the prefeeding level 18–21 h after the meal.


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