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    • Effect of osmotic stress on parsnervosa and median eminence ofColumba livia (Gmelin)

      S S Hasan K Chandrasekhar

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      The response made by parsnervosa and median eminence of pigeons to osmotic stresses created by sodium chloride and potassium iodide salt solutions have been studied. Parsnervosa of pigeons showed more drainage of AF-positive secretion in response to a higher concentration of saline solution (O·25M) whereas it became refractory to a lower dose of saline (0·15M). It was further observed that a 5 μg/ml dose of iodide affected the parsnervosa partly and while a 10 μg/ml dose failed to bring about any appreciable change. The amount of secretion contained in the median eminence underwent no essential change in response to osmotic stress.


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