• J S Datta Munshi

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Functional morphology of air-breathing fishes: A review

      Hiran M Dutta J S Datta Munshi

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      This review of the air-breathing fishes deals with morphology, histochemical analyses of respiratory membrane and muscles, morphometrics and development of respiratory organs, hematology and other blood parameters, oxygen uptake by gills and skin, physiological and behavioural aspects, ecology and effects of pollutants on the morphology and behaviour. The scientific significance and application of the studies of functional morphology and physiology in understanding the alteration caused by pollutants have also been elucidated.

    • Gill diffusing capacity of a freshwater major carp,Labeo rohita (Ham.) in relation to body weight

      Anita Pandey G K Kunwar J S Datta Munshi

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      Emphasis has been placed on providing quantitative data for the water-blood barrier, including diffusion distance, diffusing capacity and overall diffusing capacity based on light microscopic observations. Using values for water-blood barrier obtained from light micrographs, the arithmatic and harmonic mean were found to be 1·88 and 1·32 μm respectively whereas the barrier itself varied from 0·68 to 3·248 μm. Diffusing capacityDt1 and overall diffusing capacityDg for 100 g fish were calculated as 0·5998 and 0·2046 mlO2/min/mmHg/kg. The diffusing capacityDt (mlO2/min/mmHg) showed increasing trend with increase in body weight with a slope of 0·6405 whereas weight specific diffusing capacityDt1 (mlO2/min/mmHg/kg) decreased by a slope of —0·3594.


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